Multimodal Topic Selection Exercise


This exercise is designed to help you select your topic for your Multimodal presentation based off of one of your past essays. Open a new document on your laptop and write down answers to the following questions. Take your time and do not rush; we will stop at certain stages and discuss the different steps.

Multimodal Topic Selection

Step One: Look back at your previous essays, considering which one might be best to use for the Multimodal assignment. Remember, the goal is to take the main idea of your paper and change the mode for your presentation.

Step Two: Once you have selected your paper, take the time to summarize its main idea below. Think about including all elements you’d like to address in the two to three minute long presentation.

Step Three: What’s missing? Share your summary with a peer and have them read over it. Your partner should give you critical feedback about how thoroughly you summarized your position. Are there errors in logic? What could be added to help develop the overall summary?

Step Four: After you’ve summarized your topic, you then need to think about what mode(s) you’d like to use to present it. Consider what different modes you have used in the past, and what makes you comfortable with them. Then, think about new modes that were presented to you that make you uncomfortable. Why do these new modes cause you anxiety?