Multimodal Unit Assignment

Multimodal: 60- 90 Second Presentation

In a multimodal project, a writer recomposes a text or artifact in a different mode.
Directions: Using the content you’ve developed in one of your previous essays written for this class, prepare a 60 to 90 second digital presentation that captures the essence of your previous writing to the class. This task requires you to think about revision and emphasizing key points of your larger work. 60 to 90 seconds will not be enough time to cover your whole essay, so you must extract what you feel is most important and then write a coherent synopsis that will be recorded as a short speech. Though it is acceptable to include a short quote or two from your essay, this recording should consist of mostly new phrasing


To convey a text’s main ideas in a condensed fashion as an organized and complete project in an alternate format


An academic audience whose expectations are defined by the mode of delivery

Learning Objective:

To develop skills in composing and revising for an alternative medium; to develop flexibility as a composer


Good multimodal projects require clear understanding of the assignment, consideration of several approaches, significant revision, and careful editing


Each student must present their adaptation in front of class as either a film clip, animation, digital comic, website, or video
Length: Exactly 60 seconds (minimum) to 90 seconds (Maximum)


Review options under the Multimodal Resources Tab in order to select which combination of resources to use to compose your multimodal project

*Any images taken from the internet should be properly cited in MLA format on a Works Cited page (guidelines for citing electronic sources can be found at The OWL.
Assessment: 15% of final grade

Due Dates:

see course calendar