Poetry, Short Stories, Essays, Podcasts, Videos, and Comics

Literature is not simply bound to the printed word; it encompasses visual and audio realms, too. So in addition to traditional printed texts, students have the opportunity to examine a Podcast, T.V. show, Documentary, Film or even a Video Game as a form of Literature. Since this course is inquiry-based, each student has the option of exploring and selecting readings/ texts that speak to their interest from a variety of approved sources.

Podcasts –a list of podcasts spanning topics related to the Supreme Court, Brain Science, True Crime, and many other topics.

The Poetry Foundation—an excellent source for contemporary and classic poetry, along with helpful content, like interviews, craft essays, etc.

The Sun Features Section —an archive of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry from new and established writers.

Additional Readings—a list of fiction, creative nonfiction, and comics from well-known authors, which showcase diverse backgrounds, writing styles, and topics. Each section is organized around theme, so students can explore issues/subjects that interest them.

Hoopla Digital — a free service like Netflix, but for ebooks and Comics. It is free, but does require you to have a library card to access the content and set up an account. All you need to do is go to the Lafayette County & Oxford Public Library (NOT the Ole Miss Library!) and get a library card:

How can I get a library card?
All we need is to see an ID and some type of proof that you live/work/go to school in Lafayette County or one of the counties in the First Regional System.  If your address on your ID is a Lafayette County address, that will be just fine.  If not, bring a piece of mail, a bill of some sort, a lease… anything with your name and address.

Streaming Services for TV and Film: In addition to the above listed resources students are free to use streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, HBO, and Hulu to explore content for their essays.