Plagiarism and Academic Honesty Policy

You are responsible for abiding by these deadlines for every course you register for, and you must look up the rules and guidelines in the University’s M Book or Undergraduate Catalogue for Withdrawal from a course or for receiving an Incomplete grade.

All work that you submit under your name for credit at UM is assumed to be your original work. While teachers hope and expect for you to incorporate the thinking of others in your work, you must credit others’ work when you rely upon it. In your written assignments, there are only three methods for properly importing the work of others: quotation, paraphrase, and summary (see pp. 376-379, 448-451, and 502-504 in A Writer’s Reference). You must cite any idea you borrow from a source using MLA in-text citations and Works Cites page citations.

The penalty for plagiarism in Writing 100, 101, 102, or LIBA 102 is failure of the course. Additional penalties are possible.

Academic Dishonesty is expressly prohibited by The University of Mississippi. See The University of Mississippi’s M Book. This includes plagiarism and self-plagiarism. Self-plagiarism is defined as re-using a paper written for another class and submitting it in whole or part for credit in another class, without obtaining permission from the instructor prior to the submission of the paper. Plagiarism is harder to define, but it boils down to representing someone else’s ideas as you own.

If you have any questions about plagiarism please consult the web links below or contact the Independent Study office. Plagiarism is not only prohibited by the university, but it could also be a legal offense (ex: copyright, infringement, fraud, etc.). See “Plagiarism in Colleges in USA” by Ronald B. Standler at for more information about potential legal issues.

To be absolutely clear, working with another person to answer homework questions or to answer any of the test questions is unacceptable. If it is determined that any student has violated this policy, the instructor will take the appropriate steps under The University of Mississippi’s Academic Dishonesty policy which include several options, ranging from failing the course to being suspended from The University of Mississippi.

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue has a great site on Plagiarism, including a checklist for students:

Another good website is How Not to Plagiarize by Margaret Procter, Coordinator of Writing Support, University of Toronto.