Required Resources

Required Hardware

You will need a computer with a reliable internet connection. If your computer does not have a built-in microphone or video camera, then you may use your smartphone camera and microphone.

Required Technology

Web Browsers:

You will need to download and use web browsers other than Microsoft’s Explorer or Apple’s Safari to submit work to Blackboard and integrate new technology.

Open Educational Resources:

This class does not use a traditional textbook. Instead, we will be using open resources hosted through Lumen Learning. It is important to familiarize yourself with these resources, as they will act as our class textbooks.


We will be using several apps in this class that requires additional login information to access and post your assignments.


Flipgrid offers students the ability to interact with one another through short video clips. Often, students taking an online course feel a lack of connection between their classmates. Flipgrid addresses this concern by allowing students to see and respond to others in video form. Using this software for reflection ensures students do not lose their voice in the online setting and helps to form a sense of community.

Flipgrid Resources


Pronto is part message board, part chat room. Students create and post to different channels and can interact with one another in a real-time, synchronous manner, or asynchronously. Students don’t have to worry about maintaining the formal tone necessary in email interactions on Pronto, and most importantly, students get to interact with one another outside of me, their teacher prompting them and requiring a response.


Sutori is a digital curation platform that allows students to work on visual projects and organize information about sources in such a way that makes it easier for them and their audience to navigate.