Work Expectations and Attendance

  • All online students are required to check their UM email account at least once a day, and check My Grades for this course at least once a week.
  • You are required to engage with this course at least twice a week, although more than twice a week is recommended.  
  • Note that this class is not designed for you to visit once a week; it has two sets of assignments due on different days of the week.
  • The workweek begins on Monday and ends on Sunday, but it is not recommended to wait until the weekend to post your assignments (because no technical or instructor support is available on the weekend).
  • No attendance is taken since this is an Independent Study course, but please note that skipping any part of an assignment is equivalent to skipping a class.
  • Each week, you should begin by viewing the Lesson’s TASKS & CALENDAR and read the assignment details for that week’s work.
  • As you can see already, this class presents a lot of written material for you to read.  Be sure to read everything carefully, especially assignment requirements and print them. Ask questions as they arise to clear up confusion quickly.
  • Videos either under a Lesson or emailed from the professor are required assignments and should be watched carefully and perhaps more than once.

Policy Regarding Late Work and Deadline Extensions:

  • Students may request an EXTENSION of an assignment’s deadline for valid reasons (determined by professor), such as emergency situations and severe illnesses. However, this extension request must be done at least 24 hours in advance of the deadline, and if the professor grants the extension, s/he will also give a specific timeline of when the assignment must be due.
  • Assignments are due by their deadline — period. Late or improperly submitted work is not accepted for grades in this class, so it is very important that you maintain your own calendar of assignments and due dates. In order to treat each and every student in this class equitably and fairly, this policy will not be broken unless you have a note from a doctor or a qualified UM administrator excusing you from schoolwork.  It is ultimately your responsibility to submit your work on time. Failure to do so has consequences. In the workplace, such consequences can include disqualification for promotion and advancement, client loss, profit loss, reputation damage, credibility, and even job loss. By comparison, the late penalties in this class are minor. Develop strong and strict habits about assignment submission now while the stakes are low.
  • If you are an athlete, you must present a letter from the Athletics department proving your athlete status. If your absence from a computer during athletic events prevents you from meeting a deadline, you must request an extension of the deadline in ahead of time.
  • In addition to ensuring that all students are treated the same, this deadline policy also intends to mimic professional standards for meeting deadlines so that you are prepared for these standards on the job. If you are unable to meet deadlines or want a class that does not hold you to professional standards, please enroll in another class section.