Narrative Essay: Introduction Letter

As you know by now, narrative writing plays a role in a variety of situations, and takes on multiple forms for diverse audiences and purposes. For this assignment, you will be using the narrative letter to introduce yourself to your fellow classmates in a professional, academic environment.   Before you begin writing, take time to think about context, audience, and purpose.

Context: Our interactive classroom environment, which is characterized by small-group activities and assignments.
Audience: This group includes the instructor and the other students in the class.
Purpose: To introduce oneself in a manner that facilitates enough knowledge that all group members feel a basic level of comfort upon which to build productive working relationships.

Content:  The following is a list of possible topics to include in your letter.  However, it is important to remember that these are only starting ideas.  You don’t need to talk about all of these and you are certainly free to discuss other items.

Potential topics=hobbies; goals; description of family; reasons for attending college; feelings about English class; reading preferences; tv, movie, and/or social media preferences; amount of time on the internet and/or cellphone; previous places you’ve lived or traveled; travel goals; favorite people; preferred types of exercise; eating habits (especially if they are unique);  personality traits; pet peeves; political affiliation; favorite teachers; best/worse school experiences; learning needs; bucket list items; other languages; educational strengths or challenges; embarrassing stories, role models or heroes,  etc.

  • Type your introduction in letter format with date, salutation, and closing
  • Use 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Margins should not be greater than 1 inch all around (top, bottom, left, and right)
  • Minimum Length Requirement:  2 pages double-spaced
  • You should talk informally (use of 1st and 2nd person is fine), but you should not use slang or text speak
  • Be as detailed as possible, but do not reveal things that you do not want others to know
    Remember: This is a professional, academic environment 
  • Use paragraphs appropriately including indentations
  • Double-check for spelling and punctuation errors