Assignment: What Is Culture? Discussion and Photo Activity

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Define what culture is
  • Compare/understand different cultures
  • Begin to understand southern culture

Open up the discussion by asking students what they think culture is.

Talk about different cultures that they are a part of – ethnic, religious, regional, gender — as well as more local cultures such as college student culture, then break that down into other subcultures like if the students are on a sports team or part of club. They might be part of baseball culture or theater culture.

Ice breaker, Photo activity

Have students get into groups of three or four.

Next, ask the students to go to their phones, computers, or tablets and pull up a picture that represents a culture that they belong to. They do not have to be in the picture. It can be a Google image.

Have the students share their pictures with their small group and explain how this represents a culture they belong to. As they are sharing, the instructor should walk around the room and ask to see the pictures and learn about the students as well.

After the instructor has visited with each group, he/she might share a picture on the smartboard that involves a culture they belong to. I share a picture that defines my southern culture since that is the theme of my class.


A handout of this activity can be downloaded here.