Course Success


This section explains the parts of the online course to help you achieve success.


From the course home page, you can view all course contents.


This course is divided into Modules, or units of study.  Module names are listed in bold-faced type on the course home page.

Navigating the Course

You may navigate to any part of the course from the course home page. From within a page in the course, you can get to the course home page either by clicking on the “Home” button in the right-hand margin, or by clicking on the course title at the top of the screen.

When you are on a specific page inside the course, you can navigate to other pages within the same module by clicking on the “Table of Contents” button.  You may also navigate using the Forward and Backward arrows near the center of the page.


You’ve probably noticed hyperlinks that are a different color from the regular text. Hyperlinks assist you in learning more information by directing you to an important page within or outside of the course.

If a hyperlink does not seem to work, alert your instructor as soon as possible by copying and pasting the URL of the page with the broken link in a message to your instructor.


You can view grade information in the learning management system. It is a good idea to check Grades often to check on your current academic standings as well as instructor feedback for assignments.  If you have any concerns about your grade, please contact your instructor as soon as possible.


Check the Assignments section in the learning management system to view upcoming assignments, due dates, and the amount of points the assignment is worth.  Select the assignment you wish to navigate to by clicking on the title listed on the Assignments page.

Prerequisite Knowledge

No prerequisite knowledge is needed for this course.

Technical Skills

No advanced technical skills are required for this course; however, you should be familiar with operating your computer and know how to check your web browser for updates. To review how to check your computer for updates, visit the How To Get Started page.

If you would like to brush up on essential digital literacy skills needed for online learning, then try The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium’s self-paced Basic Online Skills course to assist you in building a foundation in computer, e-mail, word processing, and web skills.