Outcome: Verbs

Critique the use of verbs

icon of a person hammeringVerbs are a crucial to language’s functionality. Without verbs, language can’t really do anything; after all, verbs are action words: runjumpworkdance. Verbs can also connect two ideas together (the dog is beautiful) or help other verbs (you can stay).

In this outcome, we’ll discuss these three main types of verbs: active verbs (action words), linking verbs (connecting two ideas), and helping verbs. We’ll also learn how verbs change form to express action in the far past, the near past, the present, and the future.

What You Will Learn to Do

  • Critique the use of different types of verbs
  • Critique passages for verb tenses and agreement
  • Critique the use of different non-finite verbs
  • Critique the use of advanced verb tenses