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A free essay checker or paper checker can help you boost your academic performance. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Maybe you’re great at science, math, sports, or art, but writing essays has never been your forte. Or maybe you’re an excellent writer and you just need a quick proofread to make sure you haven’t overlooked any subtle errors. Either way, QuillBot’s AI-driven essay checker has you covered.

What is an essay checker?

Proofreading your own writing often leads to frustration. It’s too easy to gloss over mistakes after you’ve read your work dozens of times. Using an essay checker for free is like having a professor who’s always available to give you feedback on a sentence that isn’t quite right.

An essay checker is a tool that examines any text you type into it and points out grammar and spelling errors. It also checks your punctuation and phrasing, then corrects any mistakes. The result is an error-free essay that you’re proud to submit.

What are the benefits of using QuillBot’s

free essay checker?

When you’re writing for a grade, there’s no question you need to write well. At a minimum, that means using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. QuillBot can help you achieve all of that, and did we mention it’s free? But it goes further to include these benefits, too:

Our AI evaluates your writing by comparing it to tons of existing texts and gives you nearly instant feedback.

Piece of cake, that is. Using our essay checker is so simple, it takes away a huge chunk of the stress many students feel when writing a paper.

Students often ask a friend or family member, “Can you check my paper?” But some errors are so common that they’re likely to be missed this way. With our essay checker, you can be sure you’re seeing and fixing every error.

Academic integrity
Yes, there are essay writing services out there, but they’re unethical. With a free online essay checker, you can do your own work and earn the grade you deserve.

When you proofread your own work, you might not catch every instance of a mistake or style choice. For example, you might capitalize a term in one paragraph but not in another. However, QuillBot’s essay checker makes sure they’re all the same.

Learning opportunity
If you tend to make the same kinds of mistakes in every paper, QuillBot’s free paper checker will help you recognize them. Or, if your work contains errors that you don’t realize are errors, our paper checker will highlight them for you. By learning from this feedback, you can sharpen your writing skills.


How does QuillBot’s essay/paper checker work?

You won’t believe how easy it is to use! When you need an essay grammar check, simply go to the QuillBot website and click on essay checker on the footer of the website. Paste your essay into the box, and within a few seconds, you’ll see lines appear under any part of the text that might need correction. Then, you have a choice: You can accept or reject each suggestion one at a time, or you can review the entire essay and then click Fix All Errors if you like all of the suggestions. A single click is all it takes!

Another way to accomplish your essay editing is to write your essay directly in QuillBot. Our handy formatting tools let you add headings, bold text, italics, and other details so you can compose an essay that’s neatly formatted while correcting errors in real time.

What can be checked in QuillBot’s essay evaluator

Our essay checker and corrector will help you spot the usual writing errors—misplaced commas, "their" instead of "there," incomplete sentences, and so on.

But there’s so much more to good writing, and many free writing tools don’t quite get you there. These are a few examples of next-level mistakes that you can root out with assistance from QuillBot’s essay corrector:

Lack of fluency

As a multilingual English speaker, you might question whether your phrasing reads naturally to native English speakers. You can use QuillBot’s paper checker for free to solve this problem. It also accounts for different English dialects if, say, you need to convert your essay from US English to UK English.

Tricky plurals

Did you know the plural of thesis is theses? Did you know the plural of analysis is analyses (which is also the spelling of analyzes in UK English)? Did you know the plural of genus is genera? QuillBot does


If you need a new way to state an idea, QuillBot can help. Our Grammar Checker includes the Paraphrase Text button. Clicking it moves your text to the Paraphraser, where you can choose from tons of words and phrases that have the same or a similar meaning. It’s a great way to add nuance and interest to your writing or to find just the right word.

Unnecessary capitalization

Many writers capitalize words that are important but are not proper nouns. Capitalized text can be harder to read and make your paper look cluttered, so use QuillBot’s essay evaluator to make sure you’re capitalizing only the words you should.

Extra words

If you’ve ever been told you’re long-winded or your writing is “wordy,” QuillBot can help you write more concisely by suggesting you remove words that don’t add value.

Extra spaces

Still typing two spaces after a period? Our paper checker can help you find excess spaces and delete them. It also shows you when they appear in the middle of sentences or at the end of paragraphs.

Become a better writer with QuillBot’s writing tools

Besides a paper check, we have other writing resources you can take advantage of our other writing resources. Plagiarism is unacceptable when you’re writing an essay, so try our Plagiarism Checker. You might be interested in these as well:

Get the help you need to make the grade

Use QuillBot’s essay checker for free online to ditch the stress and be confident you’re turning in an exceptional paper.

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QuillBot essay checker FAQs

QuillBot offers a free Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, and Citation Generator that empower you to turn in your best work. These free writing tools are available on QuillBot’s website and are easy to use in your browser.
A paper checker is a tool. While it can make suggestions, in the end, you decide which aspects of your essay to change and which ones to leave as they are. An essay checker is a resource that you can draw on but is not unethical to use.

QuillBot’s essay checker is your complete essay checking tool.

Our free essay checking tool gives your essay one final review of usage, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You can feel great every time you write an essay.

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