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If the phrase “artificial intelligence” has you conjuring up images of Hollywood robots and lab rats, you’re not alone (and you have a stellar imagination and are probably super cool).

The concept sounds futuristic and foreign to a lot of people, but the truth is, if you’ve used QuillBot, you’ve used an AI content generator. Not so scary, right?

The AI writer isn't sinister, and it isn’t out to replace human thinking.

You might be skeptical, and that’s alright. Let’s dive into the facts about the AI writer and see if we can gain a new perspective on this awesome tool.

What is an AI writing assistant?

Let’s make this easy and start with what an AI writing assistant is not, because there are a lot of misconceptions out there, and we’d like to start off on the right (artificial) foot.

An AI writing assistant is not a miracle worker, an evil robot hellbent on taking over the world, or a perfect piece of technology. It is not a replacement for putting in work, nor an excuse to use when writing doesn’t come out perfectly.

An AI writing assistant is a tool that you can use to help with and enhance your writing.  Like any tool, its main purpose is to aid in achieving a goal,not to complete the task itself.

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How does an AI writer work?

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the ability of machines to complete repetitive tasks that are typically and historically done by human beings. In fact, the automation aspect was one of the driving forces for the creation of AI.  In terms of an AI content generator, this means the machine is able to form cohesive thoughts and well-structured sentences that contain correct grammar and punctuation.

AI programs learn through algorithms and large sets of data. AI writers look at patterns of speech and sentence structure, which allows them to learn the rules of the English language (or whatever language they are writing in).

You thought your life revolves around writing? An AI writer literally exists to write. Eat, sleep, breathe? More like research, learn, write. Or write, write, write. Right?

How AI learns
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How to write using Artificial Intelligence ?

Using AI writing tools is really easy. Like, really easy. To show you just how simple this process will be for you, we're going to break it down into small steps.

AI programs learn through algorithms and large sets of data. AI writers look at patterns of speech and sentence structure, which allows them to learn the rules of the English language (or whatever language they are writing in).

You thought your life revolves around writing? An AI writer literally exists to write. Eat, sleep, breathe? More like research, learn, write. Or write, write, write. Right?

Pick your AI writer

There are a ton of options out there, and each has its pros and cons. Here on the QuillBot blog, we are, of course, partial to our own QuillBot Flow, which has the rest of our tools built in for an even smoother writing experience.

Pick your topic

The reason this isn't the first step is because some AI writing tools will create topics for you, if that's something you need help with. Once you have your topic, the fun can really begin.

Start writing

Really, that's it. Once you type a few words, the AI writer will take over and not only finish your sentence but also create the next one. And the next one. And so on, and so forth. All it needs is that first initial taste of your writing to understand what to do.

Besides generating written content, our QuillBot Flow will fix your grammar, count your words, create citations, and give paraphrase options and a space to keep notes. There is nothing else you'll need in order to create quality content.

How to write using Artificial Intelligence

Okay, so the AI writer seems like the gift that keeps on giving, right? Almost like it's too good to be true? Wrong.

While there are AI writing tools out there that you have to pay for, there are plenty of options that are offered via a free plan (including, yes, QuillBot Flow!).

In the case of our QuillBot Flow, the quality is there, with no credit card required. Just because a tool is free, doesn't mean it's not as good as the paid tools. Because QuillBot offers Premium plans, we're able to offer certain tools completely free.

Good, efficient writing shouldn't be accessible only to those with money. Anyone can be a good writer, so everyone should have access to the tools that will help them improve their writing skills.

"Make writing painless" isn't just a catchy slogan━it's what we believe, and what we're set out to do.

Benefits of using AI writing tools

here are so many benefits to using an AI writer, it's hard to even know where to start! Perhaps making a list is the best way to go here. Lay it all out, nice and clear.

Here are the benefits of using an AI writer:

1. It will save time

Because you’re not generating all the content on your own, agonizing over the right words to use, articles, essays, blog posts, and all other writing will get done in a breeze. Machines are fast, and the AI writer is no exception to that rule.

2. It will create fresh content

Because the AI article writer is able to generate content on its own, everything that it creates will be new and unique, based on the parameters you provide it.

3. Quality will be high

The AI writer has the ability to choose the right words, check for grammar mistakes, understand more languages than just English, and optimize for SEO.

4. It’s free

As we’ve discussed, although some AI writers will cost you, there are plenty that can be used on a free plan, saving you time and money. And there is nothing better than something that’s free.

Who should use an AI writer?

The short answer: anyone who wants to write quality content.

The long(er), more specific answer: copywriters, students, bloggers, professionals, and everyone in between. Don't believe us? Let's take a look at how each of these people will benefit from using an AI writer.

Everyone Else

Sometimes all you want to do is to perform the functions of your job and go home. But there is much more to being a professional in the workforce, which can include various emails, instant messages, and reports.

Writing isn't necessarily in everyone's job description, but most everyone has to write down something at work. And if that's not your cup of tea (or even if it is, and you're just not feeling it for whatever reason), AI is here to help.

AI writers can whip up emails and professional messages like nobody's business. If you're too busy for the polite niceties that come with working a professional job, share some tasks with your AI writer of choice.

A new AI article writer: QuillBot Flow

Decisions, decisions.

Yeah, having options can be harder than not having options, sometimes. Which is why we're just going to talk about the single best AI writer on the market.

Whether you need to write for school, for work, for pleasure, or otherwise, QuillBot Flow has got you covered (and the best part is, it's free!).

The QuillBot Flow has all of the capabilities of other AI writers out there, plus things that make it uniquely a QuillBot tool.

The QuillBot Flow can detect tone and predict what should come next in a sentence, paragraph, and structure.

It's perfect if you need to generate articles, social media posts, essays, long form content, product descriptions, emails, or any other type of original content.



Long form content

Social media posts


Product description

It even has our Paraphraser, Summarizer, Grammar Checker, and Citation Generator built in, so you never have to click out of the QuillBot Flow itself.

Other apps can get the job done, but QuillBot Flow will do it perfectly. The search is over before it even began: go to https://quillbot.com/flow to enhance your life with quality writing.

Check out our quick-start guide for using QuillBot Flow to start writing like a pro today.

Can the AI writer replace content writers?


Okay, we can't predict the future. And it's not as simple as a one-word answer. But if you're worried about robots taking over your writing-related tasks/job, relax. It's not going to happen.

AI writers are tools that help us write quality content. However, without human beings to program and train them, they cannot accomplish this task. These tools mimic the way we write; in order for them to do their jobs, we must do ours. Although AI is seen as the way of the future by many, there are still things it cannot replicate.

AI can’t replicate human emotion, creativity, and variance. It cannot think like a human, only reproduce the patterns it observes.

While there is the possibility that one day, in the far future, AI could replace content writers, it's not something that you have to worry about now. If that is something that happens, it'll be a while away.

The Future of AI-Based Writing

With technology evolving rapidly every day, it's hard to say what the future holds. But one thing is for certain: we keep pushing forward and trying new things.

Things can only get easier from here on out. Content quality can only improve. Algorithms can only advance. Your writing process can only streamline further.

AI is here to stay, and it's time to get with the program.