QuillBot for macOS. Writing, redefined.

Elevate your writing on your favorite apps with QuillBot for macOS.

quillbot for macOS

Write with precision

Communicate with confidence as QuillBot polishes your writing on websites, apps, and social platforms

Write browser-free

Unleash QuillBot's full potential and write seamlessly with your favorite tools, free from browser interruptions

Write the right way

Focus on the big ideas while QuillBot takes care of the grammatical and structural details with one click

favourite apps

QuillBot joins your favorite apps

Functioning like a Chrome extension, QuillBot for macOS will appear as a widget on apps like Slack, Notes, and Messages

Tailor your text

Choose between multiple rephrase options for every sentence to keep your writing fresh and unique 

Write error-free

Enhance and perfect your writing with on-the-spot grammar suggestions to save you time

Understand and improve

Coming soon

Receive explanations and examples for grammar improvements to polish and elevate your writing

Tailor your tone

Coming soon

Gauge your tone and fluency with detailed statistics, crafting your voice for maximum impact

seamless writing

Trusted by over 35 million users worldwide

Make writing painless with QuillBot for macOS.

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quillbot for macOS

Ever since I subscribed to QuillBot Premium a few months ago, I have made significant improvements in the quality of my blog posts, their descriptions, and even meta descriptions.

quillbot for macOS
Rakibul I
Freelance Copywriter
quillbot for macOS
quillbot for macOS

Easy to use. My emails are now fluent and concise. This is a really good tool to have if English is not your first language. Thanks for building such a fantastic product. <3

quillbot for macOS
Devon Lane
Executive Assistant
quillbot for macOS
quillbot for macOS

I truly love Quillbot. The fact that now I have the option to add to Chrome takes it to a totally different level! I really appreciate the work and I recommend it to everyone.

quillbot for macOS
William Davis
quillbot for macOS
quillbot for macOS

QuillBot is an excellent tool for editing and grammar checking. I've been using it for two years now, and it's been so helpful. I recommend this to anyone who's looking for the BEST.

quillbot for macOS
Adejumo Samuel
Content Marketer
quillbot for macOS

Let QuillBot make your writing painless on macOS


Download QuillBot for macOS on your macOS device, open the file, and follow the installation process.
QuillBot for macOS helps you write faster, smarter, and better in your favorite desktop apps. You can find the QuillBot widget on supported apps and instantly improve your writing with inline grammar suggestions, plus you can rephrase every sentence to keep your writing fresh. Join the 35+ million people who have used QuillBot's writing platform to enhance their writing and streamline their workflow.
QuillBot for macOS is compatible with Slack, Notes, and Messages, with additional support for other applications like Notion, Mail, Word, and more coming soon.
QuillBot for macOS introduces QuillBot’s robust features, like a dynamic grammar checker and a proficient paraphrasing tool, seamlessly integrated into your preferred applications.
Yes, you can use QuillBot for free on macOS for as long as you'd like. If you’re looking for more in-depth writing suggestions and customizable features, try QuillBot Premium.

Unfortunately, that option is not available currently. Nevertheless, you can employ QuillBot using your Chrome browser by installing the

QuillBot Chrome Extension
for the time being.