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Improve the flow and consistency of essays


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Content creators

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Non-native speakers

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Paragraph rewriter FAQs

Got a question about paragraph rewriter? Find out if we’ve answered it here.

The best way to rewrite a paragraph is to paste it into our paragraph rewriter. It transforms your text instantly and is 100% free.

After you’ve gotten your output, you can personalize it to make it sound more like you. Finally, proofread to make sure your paragraph is free of errors and flows smoothly.
Voila—you’re done!

Yes, paragraph rewriter is free to use. You can rewrite an unlimited number of paragraphs per day and choose from two free styles: Standard and Fluency.

However, if you’d like to unlock eight additional predefined rewriting modes plus unlimited Custom modes, you can upgrade to QuillBot Premium.
Premium will also grant you access to unlimited inputs, so you can rewrite as much text as you want instead of going paragraph by paragraph. You’ll also get access to Premium features across all our other tools. Upgrade here.

We offer a variety of writing tools to help support you from first drafts to final edits. Our tools include Grammar Checker (for proofreading), AI Detector (for detecting AI-generated content), and much more.