How Does QuillBot Work?

What QuillBot does vs. how QuillBot works are two very different things.

Let’s keep it simple: QuillBot is an online writing platform with a bunch of tools aimed at elevating and perfecting your writing.

QuillBot paraphrases, summarizes, checks for grammar and plagiarism, translates, outlines, creates citations, and sets you up for success in school, work, and your personal life.

Essentially, QuillBot makes writing painless.

So how does QuillBot work?

QuillBot’s AI trains on datasets, which show it the right and wrong ways to write. A dataset is a collection of information (in QuillBot’s case, information on grammar, spelling, punctuation, tone, sentence structure, and clarity) that can be read as a single unit of information by a computer.

So something like users “ignoring” a suggestion can act as a dataset. When enough users “Ignore” a suggestion, QuillBot’s AI learns that the suggestion is not helpful for that specific instance.

For example, if QuillBot kept recommending that users change the word “sad” to “pathetic,” and enough users hit “Ignore,” QuillBot might recommend something like “depressed” or “sorrowful” instead. Since “pathetic” often conjures feelings of pity, it might not always be synonymous with “sad,” depending on the context of the situation.

Want a more in-depth explanation of the technology behind QuillBot? A few members of our research team wrote this blog post all about language modeling and training AI.

How do I use QuillBot?

The answer to this question depends on what you need help with. There are so many different ways to use QuillBot and all of its tools that you’re bound to find one that works well for you.

QuillBot website

The website is the easiest way to explore the world of QuillBot. It’s a user-friendly site that includes all of our tools and features.

QuillBot for Chrome

This extension allows you to write well around the web by checking your grammar, paraphrasing, and summarizing online documents, emails, and social media posts.

QuillBot for Word

This extension for Microsoft Word allows you to harness the full power of QuillBot when you’re writing offline.

QuillBot for MacOS

This browser-free desktop app makes writing painless for Mac users.

QuillBot blog

This is a collection of in-depth articles on topics ranging from grammar rules and writing conventions to author interviews and more.

QuillBot on social media

The best places for quick writing tips and product updates are the QuillBot Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok accounts.

QuillBot educational courses

QuillBot offers a catalog of free educational courses to help you improve your writing in every aspect.

Harness the power of QuillBot whichever way you write.

Enhance your writing and ensure that it is error-free

Get started today! Write any sentence or paragraph using the best AI writing platform.

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Paige Pfeifer, BA

Paige teaches QuillBot writers about grammar rules and writing conventions. She has a BA in English, which she received by reading and writing a lot of fiction. That is all she knows how to do.