Stay ahead of the game with QuillBot’s advanced AI detector, capable of analyzing ChatGPT, Bard, GPT-4, and other AI-generated content.

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Meet our AI content detector tool

Trained to identify certain patterns, our detection tool will flag AI-generated content in your text.

AI-generated content is likely to contain repetitive words, awkward phrasing, and an unnatural, choppy flow. When these indicators are present, QuillBot’s AI detector will flag the text for further inspection.

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Benefits of our AI content detector tool

Preserve the humanness of your writing with our AI text detector.


Blog posts

When you're speaking to an audience that trusts and is familiar with your content, it's important to connect with them, person to person. Use our AI writing detector to identify the percentage of content that is AI-generated to help you update your blog post with your original content.


Research papers

Everything you write for school or work should come from you, especially something as important as a research paper. With the AI Detector, you can be sure 100% of the text you turn in is AI-free.



When you're turning in anything for school, your assignment needs to be 100% yours. Rid your homework of AI content and let your writing shine.


Work projects

The last thing you want is to turn something in to your boss that wasn’t created by you. Use our AI detector to update your work product with your original work.

Why choose QuillBot's AI detector tool?

Not all AI content detectors are created equal... QuillBot's was made better:


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Get real-time content analysis with QuillBot’s AI detector

Wondering if your text includes AI-generated content? Using QuillBot’s AI detector, there’s no wait.

As soon as you submit your content for analysis, our AI detector starts analyzing each sentence for repeated words or phrases and an unnatural flow. Within seconds, you’ll have a percentage representing the amount of AI-generated content within your text. It’s fast, it’s ridiculously easy to use, and it keeps your writing human.


QuillBot’s AI content detector tool is trained with advanced algorithms to identify repeated words, awkward phrases, and unnatural flow, which are key indicators that the content is AI-generated. However, the more advances are made in AI models, the less any AI detector tool will be able to distinguish human-written from AI-generated content.
QuillBot’s AI detector can only detect text and not images, video, or other rich media content.
The AI writing detector only identifies text generated by artificial intelligence. QuillBot has a host of other tools, including a Grammar Checker, Plagiarism Checker, and Paraphraser that can all help you improve the quality of your writing.
No. The AI detector content checker will inform you of any AI-generated content, while our Plagiarism Checker can assist with unintentional plagiarism in AI-generated content.
No, the AI detector will simply give you a percentage between 0% and 100% that represents how much AI-generated content is in your text.
QuillBot’s AI content detector supports text in English for now.