13 Best Content Writing Tools for Writing Confidently in 2023

Content marketing is the star performer in today’s world when it comes to gaining traffic, engaging audiences, and converting them. In fact, 78% of CMOs believe custom content is the future of marketing.

Today, we’ll be going over useful content writing tools that fall into one of four categories:

  • Content Ideation Tools
  • Content Planning & Organization Tools
  • Content Editing Tools
  • Content Drafting Tools

In 2023, content writing will continue to be a pillar of digital marketing, and it will be crucial to have the proper tools to produce high-quality content. With a reputable SEO SaaS agency, it will be much easier to create engaging, and informative writing to increase organic traffic and improve search rankings. To keep your content writing process and efforts in line with your goals, we’ve compiled a list of the 13 best content writing tools to help you write better and fine-tune your creative process.

Content Ideation Tools

Coming up with creative content ideas on a regular basis is essential for the organic growth of your website. You may be wondering how you can use Google search for finding content ideas, and the answer is search operators.

You can use basic search operators like AND and OR as well as advanced site search operator to find unique content ideas from your competitors. Let’s take a look at some examples.

AND. In the example below, I used AND operator along with double quotes for exact matching results.

OR. In the example below, I used OR operator with AND to find specific content ideas.

Advanced Site Search. In the example below, I used the advanced site search operator along with AND and OR combination to find listicle ideas from a website.

You can learn more about Google search operators in this article.

2. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic is an audience research tool that assists you in discovering what people ask on the web about your target keyword.

All you need to do is enter your seed keyword and hit the search button. The tool scrapes Google’s auto-completing search suggestions to generate a list of content ideas.

The best thing about AnswerThePublic is the sheer volume of content ideas available, which is difficult to find in another free app. You get a variety of suggestions based on search intent.

3. Quora

Quora, founded in 2009, has grown to become one of the most popular question-and-answer platforms, with millions of users on a daily basis. The best part is that it’s completely free!

You can learn what real people are asking by using Quora and then answer those questions in depth on your blog. Simply search for your keywords and follow the topics that are relevant to your blog.

Content Planning & Organization Tools

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best SEO tools on the market and helps you with competitor analysis, in-depth keyword research, and content planning.

It contains a number of free tools that content writers can use to validate their ideas, check keyword volumes and difficulty, and determine how difficult it may be to rank for a specific term.

For the keyword “home security camera,”  for example, the Ahrefs free tool provides a list of ideas in both the ‘match’ and ‘questions’ buckets. The free plan lets you find limited keywords. However, you can try its paid plan to uncover more granular insights and conduct deeper SEO research to plan your content.

5. SmartTask

Without adequate planning, creating well-written content is doomed to fail, and content planning is much more than simply keeping a to-do list. You must have a clear vision of your goals as well as sustainable workflows to achieve them, which is where SmartTask comes in.

SmartTask is a project management and collaboration tool that helps bloggers, writers, and marketers plan and manage their content while increasing productivity. It can be tailored to meet the needs of both individuals and teams.

You can plan, schedule, and track your tasks using various views such as task list, kanban board, calendar, timeline, and more. You can easily schedule posts, assign work to your team, share feedback, and track the progress of your work in real-time.

6. nTask

nTask is another task management platform that writers can use to track and manage all of the tasks and processes that they have to perform as part of the whole content management and writing process.

It also has team management and project management capabilities that can help you become more aligned with your team and make sure that all of you are on the same page as per the work that all of you have to perform as a team.

Content Editing Tools

7. QuillBot

QuillBot offers advanced drafting and editing features for writers, so they can make their content top-notch before publishing.

QuillBot’s Grammar Checker not only highlights grammatical errors and helps to resolve them, but also gives structural suggestions to make sentences clearer and smoother. They also provide a punctuation checker that ensures every comma is in its proper place and every set of quotation marks is closed.

The most beloved feature of QuillBot is its Paraphrasing Tool, which makes the writing process painless. It uses AI technology to help create new sentences based on ones the user has already written. It preserves the original ideas and meaning of the sentences while giving them new structure and words. It includes 7 different Modes that help writers find the perfect tone for their writing.

QuillBot also offers a Summarizer, Plagiarism Checker, and QuillBot Flow. With this AI-based QuillBot Flow, you can use all the tools I mentioned before at one location without opening another tab. It also includes additional features such as researching, note-taking, and advanced analytics.

QuillBot also has Chrome & Microsoft Word extensions. Its Chrome extension alone is used by 1M+ users.

You can also upgrade to QuillBot Premium to experience unlimited paraphrasing, unlock multiple writing modes, a faster processing speed, advanced grammatical rewrites, tone detection, and much more.

QuillBot, in fact, excels at all three categories of content editing, content ideation, and content drafting.

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8. Thesaurus

This is another excellent resource for writers and anyone interested in improving their command of the English language. Thesaurus is a free online tool that you can use to find synonyms of words.

There are over three million synonyms and antonyms in Thesaurus. With this tool, you can avoid clichés and find interesting and alternate words to any given word, which engages readers.

It also lets you filter the search results by their relevance, word length, and complexity. When writing captions for social media posts, this can come in very handy.

Content Drafting Tools

9. Google Docs

If Google Docs isn’t already in your writing toolbox, it should be. It comes with every free Google account and allows you to write, edit, archive, and share your work with others.

With Google Docs, all your work is automatically saved to the cloud, and there is also a ‘write offline’ function, ensuring your work saves even if you have internet connectivity problems.

Google Docs’ collaborative features are what I like best. You can switch between multiple permission levels, which means you can share your document with others and choose whether they can view, comment on, or edit it. You can also leave suggestions for feedback on the content, accept them, work on them, and track the changes.

10. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the world’s most popular word-processing software and an industry standard. Educators, students, front-line workers, businesses, and enterprises all use the program.

While Microsoft Word is very common in schools, businesses, and offices, it is also built and designed for personal use, with the goal of assisting users in viewing, editing, creating, and sharing documents.

Furthermore, the software includes all of the document editing features that users require to create customized documents. Its collaboration support also makes it simple for multiple authors to collaborate on a document. Teams and clients can all work on the same document, and everyone can be kept up to date when changes are made.


ONLYOFFICE is a complete secure open-source office suite that can be used in the cloud, on servers, or installed on devices. ONLYOFFICE Docs is a package of three editors for professional work and collaboration on Text Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations, with a fillable form creator, reader, and converter of PDF files and eBooks.

Powerful office tools support all the popular file formats, fully compatible with Microsoft Office and OpenDocument file formats. The suite allows creating fillable forms and templates, collaborating on them, and exporting them for filling.

12. monday workdocs

monday is a work operating system that offers many tools, including monday workdocs.

The workdocs enables you to create documents that can be populated with data directly from integrated services. It also means that if you have a Gantt chart, for example, you can change it in the document, and it will automatically notify other team members of the change.

Another cool feature of workdocs is that you can directly assign team members to tasks. You can easily begin creating better reports that are automatically updated with work data and are marked done when the person designated to do the task marks it done.

Apart from workdocs, you can use monday.com for project management, product development, sales CRM, and marketing campaigns.

13. Web Highlights – PDF & Web Highlighter

Web Highlights is an online PDF & Web Highlighter Chrome tool that lets you easily highlight important details in PDFs and on websites. It’s the ideal tool to organize and quickly locate the information you need for your writing content.

Using this online highlighter, you can highlight text in multiple colors, create tags to structure them, and take notes. It automatically syncs your research to the web app to make it available for you on any device of your choice. You can also export your research to Notion, Obsidian, and more.

All set to write content that converts…

Content writing may seem challenging, but it is not impossible when you have the right tools.

While there are many tools out there, I have mentioned the best of each category and how they can help you write faster and better. Make sure you are going for the tools that align with your requirements.

So pick the right tools, do your research, put your ideas in place, write, optimize, and publish.

Good luck!

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