QuillBot’s free, cutting-edge tools are game changers when it comes to making essay writing painless. From jumpstarting your writing momentum, to busting writer’s block, to finding a simpler research workflow, these essay writing hacks will save your grade and save you time.

1. Jumpstart your momentum
The beginning of any project, much less an assigned essay, can be difficult. In fact, for many people, it actually is the hardest part of the entire process, either because they’re prone to procrastination or they’re not confident in their writing abilities. Part of why it’s so difficult to begin is that we are dreading the task--perhaps because we don’t know what we want to write about yet, the assignment grade is weighted heavily, we fear doing poorly, or the topic is boring.

Solution #1: Use QuillBot’s Summarizer tool to jumpstart your momentum and flow by helping you evaluate, compare, and digest sources quickly and easily. Use it to find what parts of the writing prompt interest you the most or to find a comprehensive source you can reference for the bulk of your essay. A text summary of the information will get you picking and sorting through relevant articles and papers without the agony of spending hours reading material that isn’t helpful to your argument or assignment.

Solution #2: Use QuillBot’s Paraphraser to rewrite your text in a variety of ways so that you never get stuck struggling to articulate your thoughts. If direction for your essay isn’t a problem, but you can’t seem to put words on the page, this tool will help you by acting as a second pair of eyes as you pick and choose what kind of phrases, verbs, and tone fit for your essay. With the instant feedback from the paraphrasing tool, easily turn those clunky first sentences into polished topic sentences that lay the foundation for a polished paragraph.

2. Avoid boring, cookie-cutter sentence structures
When we get into a writing flow state, the goal is usually to get as much of our thoughts out as possible before we get tired or lose the motivation that flow brings. However, sometimes when we go back to edit what was written, we sometimes find the same sentence structure repeated over and over, making our writing seem cold and boring. For instance, maybe every sentence is simple, with just one thought, which can sound choppy and jointed when repeated too often. Conversely, perhaps all of our sentences are compound and very long. This can make points unclear or muddled, and it becomes hard to follow this type of redundant sentence structure due to length.

Solution #1: Use QuillBot’s Paraphraser to explore different sentence structures and styles. Try different Modes, like Standard, Fluency, Creative, Suggestive, and Concision, to see various ways to articulate your thoughts. Better yet, try Compare Modes to see all the options at once! Click on words and phrases to get a drop-down list of even more options.

Which leads us to another common, related issue to avoid...

3. Avoid using the same words and phrases over and over
In the same way that it’s easy to get stuck in a sentence structure rut, if we’re repeating the same words over and over, word redundancies make our writing seem bland and uninspired. Even if the prompt has specific key words that seem like they need to be included when making points, it’s important that we be creative with our word choices.

Solution #1: Use QuillBot’s Paraphraser to find synonyms for overused words and phrases. Use the drop-down thesaurus by clicking on the word/phrase to see alternatives. Additionally, the Word Flipper tool allows you to change more (or less) of your writing to find more creative ways to talk about your topic and important key words. Different writing Modes will also offer you more options, and you can compare all modes at once using the Compare Modes feature.

4. Check to see if your point is coming across correctly and clearly
Often when we write, tangents happen, and while they don’t always detract from the point, they can be distracting and take away from the flow of your arguments. Check out these pro tips for making sure that your writing is saying what you think it does and that your points are clear.

Solution #1: Use QuillBot’s Summarizer to give you a text summary of your own work. Does the AI understand what you’re trying to say? If not, re-read your essay, and find any paragraphs that are tangents. Remove them temporarily and re-summarize the text to see if taking out the tangent makes your summary more to-the-point.

Solution #2: Use QuillBot’s Paraphraser to enhance the clarity of your arguments. Meandering, long sentences can be unclear. If you locate one of these in your work, try plugging it into the paraphraser, perhaps using Concision mode, to try and make it shorter and more clear. You might also consider separating long sentences to make your points more distinct.

5. Bust writer’s block quickly and easily
Writer’s block is a bother for us all, whether we’re writing an email, social media caption, or an essay. While it’s hard to get unstuck, QuillBot has you covered with solutions to get you back on track ASAP.

Solution #1: Use QuillBot’s Paraphraser to simply get something on the page. Take the stress off of yourself and just write in the input box--without any worries for how good/bad it is. Compare Modes and the drop-down thesaurus are great tools to see numerous ways to articulate your thought and find traction in your writing workflow. All you need to do is to try something--anything--to get yourself writing again. Then, let the paraphraser do the heavy lifting to communicate your ideas exactly how you want them to be showcased.

Solution #2: Use QuillBot’s Summarizer to examine portions of your work to find new directions. When you input certain paragraphs, what does the text summary think your main point is? Alternatively, you can also digest and compare new sources quickly with this tool to find inspiration for expanding on interesting ideas within your essay.

6. Fix those awkward sentences that you can’t bear to delete
Once a first draft has been written, it’s time to edit. When we re-read our own work, sometimes there are certain sentences, especially topic sentences, that we love but know they are awkward or clunky. However, somehow we’ve managed to incorporate everything we want to say into that sentence, so we can’t just delete it, but at the same time, we know the wording isn’t good enough.

Solution #1: Use QuillBot’s Paraphraser to look at new options for expressing the thoughts in the problem/awkward sentences. The many Modes, Word Flipper, and drop-down thesaurus features will help preserve the meaning of the sentence, while offering up a myriad of new options to enhance the meaning and clarity.

Essays are tough no matter how you slice it, so the next time you have an essay or writing assignment, try out these hacks to increase your productivity and decrease the time it takes to write by using the QuillBot tools! Check out our other resources, including our how-to guide for scoring higher on your essays in college/university.