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TL;DR? QuillBot’s Instant Text Summary Tool to the Rescue!

Reading updated on  April 15, 2023 2 min read
We all want to stay informed and up-to-date, but how? Answer: summarize your reading lists with a free online app, like QuillBot’s instant text summary tool.

Life moves fast, which is why it’s so hard to stay at the top of your game. With news, assignments, personal passion projects and interests, sometimes it feels like you just can’t keep up with it all. Sure, you want to be informed and up-to-date to stay relevant, but how? Answer: summarize your reading lists with a free online app, like QuillBot’s instant text summary tool.

Like CliffsNotes for blog posts, news, and research
When you’re browsing the web and see an interesting article, simply copy and paste it into the text summary tool online--or install our Chrome extension. QuillBot's summarizer can condense articles, papers, or documents into a short paragraph. Our AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to identify the critical information, while still maintaining the original context.

Do you prefer bullet points or paragraphs?
There are two automatic summarization types: Key Sentences and Paragraph. The Key Sentences mode takes the input and shows the most important sentences within it in bullet point form. You can use the summary length slider to change how many sentences you receive.

Paragraph mode takes the input and condenses it into a paragraph that combines elements of summarizing and paraphrasing, creating a naturally flowing text that explains key points. Users are also able to control how long they want the paragraph to be using the summary length slider.

What can you summarize?
The summarizing tool can be used with a multitude of sources. Whether you have a news article, a research paper, or even a confusing paragraph, the summarizer tool will help you get the information that you need. If you want to know about an update on the stock market, or the third season of your favorite show, QuillBot has you covered.

So, the next time you’re in a rush and a friend forwards you a blog post they’ve written or a colleague sends a memo a mile long, use a tool to summarize the info--you’ll have time to thank them for sending it, while being their champion for paying attention to their hard work. It’s like having a virtual assistant right in your extension bar.


Emily Perry, PhD

Emily Perry is a PhD, educator, and entrepreneur who leads QuillBot's education program.
She loves all things science, learning, and art.
When she's not creating, you can find her outside doing something fun with her dog, Cass.

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