What Is a Sentence Fragment? | Examples & Definition

A sentence fragment is a piece of writing that looks like a sentence but is technically a grammatical mistake. This is normally because it is missing a subject or a verb.

Sentence fragments can usually be spotted quite easily because they do not express a single thought. They always lack a piece of information that is key to understanding the meaning.

Sentence fragment examples
  • My lucky day.
  • Since it was their turn.
  • The green, green grass of home.

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What Is an Interrogative? | Definition & Examples

The term interrogative is used to refer to words that help form questions (e.g., “who,” “what,” “when”). It is also used to describe sentences that ask questions, whether they use an interrogative word (e.g., “Who is that?”) or not (e.g., “Are you tired?”).

Questions with interrogative words examples
Where are you going?

Which dog are you going to adopt?

What is the best way to go home?

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Object of a Preposition | Examples & Definition

An object of a preposition (or prepositional object) is the noun or pronoun that follows a preposition (e.g., “on the table”). Every prepositional phrase must include an object in order to be complete.

Object of a preposition examples
Inez went to Greece.

Are you coming with me?

After school, I went swimming.

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Compound Predicate | Examples & Definition

A compound predicate is made up of two or more verbs that share the same subject and are joined by a conjunction (e.g., “We walked and talked”).

Compound predicates include any of the verbs’ objects and modifiers. The verbs or verb phrases are joined using the coordinating conjunctions “and,” “or,” “nor,” “but,” or “yet.”

Compound predicate examples
They are driving to Dallas and then flying to New York.

We can go to the movies or watch the football game at home.

Jayden cooked dinner, washed the dishes, and swept the floor.

We neither ate nor drank for twelve hours.

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