QuillBot’s Grammar Checker: The Best of the Best

When it comes to grammar checkers, we know you have a lot of options.

There are so many free and paid tools out there, but don’t be fooled━not all of them are created equally.

Instead of throwing shade and naming names, let’s just dive right into what makes QuillBot’s Grammar Checker great, plus how it stacks up against some of the other options available. From there, you can decide whether you think it’s truly the best of the best…

But━spoiler alert!━we made it for our users and for ourselves, and we made it AWESOME.

Tip:Polish your writing and ensure that it is error-free
QuillBot’s grammar checker makes sure that your work is polished and error-free

Check Your Grammar Now

It’s the Grammar Checker to rule all grammar checkers, so they say (they being us, and maybe you, too).

And here’s why.

QuillBot’s Grammar Checker is FREE

It’s hard to beat free. But you know what does beat a regular ol’, built-in, free grammar checker?

A grammar checker that doesn’t miss anything—one that flags word misuse, such as using ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’, as well as spelling, punctuation, and other grammar errors.

We’re not just talking about common mistakes either, like a simple missing comma or hyphen. QuillBot’s AI-based Grammar Checker is trained to handle the easy stuff and, more importantly, the more nuanced and difficult grammar and word use rules/conventions.

So, a free grammar checker is good.

A free grammar checker that is actually good at catching a wide variety of mistakes at varying levels of difficulty? That’s great.

What about a free grammar checker that goes beyond its namesake, to, say, find and correct formatting mistakes, like too many spaces between words?

Or a free grammar checker that checks for sentence fluency, and suggests rewrite options if the sentence is disfluent?

Now that’s extraordinary.

You know where I’m going with this.

So, we can all agree that QuillBot’s Grammar Checker is, at the very least, both free and extraordinary.

gif of girls fangirling during beatlemania
QuillBotmania. (Source: Tenor)

For some, this will be enough to convince you to try it out for yourself. If that’s you, then you can find QuillBot’s Grammar Checker here: https://quillbot.com/grammar-check.

For those still looking for more proof, read on.

Why did QuillBot make the Grammar Checker?

Both our users and our team members championed the creation of this tool, and none of us were ever interested in making or using something that was subpar. Extraordinary people use extraordinary tools.

We considered many things when building the Grammar Checker to ensure that not only was it going to be the best because of the robust AI model that would leave no error unflagged, but also that it would be the easiest tool of its kind to use.

QuillBot’s Interface is Fast, Easy, and Intuitive to Use

Fans of ads, pop-ups, and clunky design will not enjoy using QuillBot’s Grammar Checker.

But everyone else will.

QuillBot works quickly to review your work, highlight errors, and show suggestions for how to fix them. Mistakes are categorized too, so you’ll know whether the issue deals with grammar or fluency. This is unique to QuillBot as well.

quilly quillbot reviewing papers
Quilly doing what Quilly does.

You can use the Grammar Checker without downloading anything, signing up, or logging into the site, which most other grammar checkers require you to do.

You can also choose to review each error individually, as with most other grammar checkers, but unlike our competitors, we provide an additional option to correct for all mistakes at once. This saves time when you don’t want or need to review the ‘why’ of each and every error.

QuillBot’s Grammar Checker Cuts Down on Distractions

While some competitor tools follow along with you as you draft, QuillBot’s Grammar Checker can if you want it to, but won’t if you don’t.

So if you’re unnerved by on-page clutter or are sick of getting added distractions and pop-ups when you need to use a grammar checker, then you have at least one more reason to test drive QuillBot.

Get the help you need when you want it. And peace when you don’t.

QuillBot’s Grammar Checker Isn’t Bossy

Language is fluid. If you want to break a grammar rule or two, like using slang for a specific audience or message, QuillBot’s cool with it. Just dismiss the correction to lose the judgy underline.

QuillBot’s Grammar Checker Supports Different Workflows

Different writing tasks often demand different workflows. And sometimes, as we grow as writers, how we structure our writing process evolves and becomes more refined. A great grammar checker caters to these types of changes in workflow to support you in becoming a more effective and efficient writer.

So, whether your flow is outline>draft>refine>edit section by section as you go along, or you’re more of an outline>full draft>content edits>grammar edits kind of writer, QuillBot has your back.

Drafting in Google Docs? QuillBot has an extension for that.

gif of george costanza winking
Surprised? You shouldn’t be. (Source: Pinterest)

Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

There’s also a QuillBot extension for Chrome. Also free.

Between the extensions and the online app, you have the power to work however makes sense for you in the moment. Your workflow can pivot effortlessly and instantly, which is in contrast to competitor tools of the ‘writing assistant’ variety that just review and make suggestions as you draft.

More than just a Grammar Checker

Our Grammar Checker is a powerful, free asset for anyone who writes.

But it’s also much more than that.

QuillBot is an entire writing and research platform powered by cutting-edge AI.

That means you can work through every stage of the writing process, and even draft within the platform itself using our QuillBot Flow tool, without ever opening another tab.

Fewer tabs = fewer distractions.

No other tool or platform out there has a grammar checker, paraphraser, summarizer, and citation generator, much less all of that plus an AI-based word processor, like our QuillBot Flow.

The time-savings of having all of these robust tools under one roof was among the chief reasons so many users wanted QuillBot to create this tool, and why they continuously return to the site and its services.

Productivity Hack: Use QuillBot

computer generated man with stock market numbers behind him. the word "productivity" across the image
Hacked it…we’re in. (Source: meme-arsenal.com)

QuillBot’s Grammar Checker is also the best kept productivity secret for the tired and burnt out writer.

Use it when you know you need to proofread a paper one last time but can’t seem to keep your eyes open. Or when you want to insert a compound adjective but can’t remember whether to hyphenate it or not.

Painless proofing and polishing are just a click away with our Grammar Checker. And if you find other areas of your work that need a little refinement, you can move corrected text directly to the Paraphraser with one click.

QuillBot’s Grammar Checker is Continuously Improving

QuillBot’s Grammar Checker uses cutting-edge AI to spot a wide variety of error types and offers you suggestions for fixing them. It even considers the meaning of the entire sentence before suggesting a change, so the fix makes sense in the context of the sentence.

We’re not ones to rest on our laurels, though.

That’s why we continuously update and continue to train the AI models, so that our Grammar Checker just keeps on getting better and better.

The Best Grammar Checker on the Market

To recap: you could pay for a grammar checker. Or you could use QuillBot’s for free.

You could use a non-AI-based grammar checker. Or you could use QuillBot’s continuously updated, cutting-edge AI-based tool, for free.

You could use a cluttered, ad-riddled app. Or you could use QuillBot’s simple and intuitive interface, free of any clutter or distractions.

You could use an online-only grammar checker. Or you could use QuillBot’s and have a variety of options for your workflow with extensions and the online app.

You could use just any ol’ grammar checker, even one built into a word processor. Or you could use QuillBot’s cutting-edge Grammar Checker and have our other productivity-enhancing writing and research tools just a click away, all while still staying on the platform.

So, is QuillBot’s Grammar Checker the best on the market?

Try it yourself to decide here: https://quillbot.com/grammar-check.

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Paige Pfeifer, BA

Paige teaches QuillBot writers about grammar rules and writing conventions. She has a BA in English, which she received by reading and writing a lot of fiction. That is all she knows how to do.