What Does LMK Mean?

Learning updated on  June 11, 2024 3 min read

LMK is an abbreviation for “Let me know.”

The letters in LMK may be capitalized or lowercased, but the meaning is always the same in texting and chatting. When a person says “LMK,” they’re usually asking for information that they don’t expect to get immediately but that will probably be available soon.

To understand how to use LMK, see the explanations and examples below.

LMK meaning in chat

When chatting online, such as on a university chat platform, on Zoom, or in an online game, people may use LMK to ask a question that a person might not know the answer to right away or to ask about a decision someone hasn’t made yet.

Do you have those notes yet? LMK, I rly need them.

LMK when the report is complete so I can review it.

I’m up for a game later if u r. lmk

LMK meaning in text

So what does LMK mean in texting? It’s the same as in a chat, although you may be more likely to see LMK in a text message. It’s used to ask a friend, family member, or coworker for information that they don’t know at the time but will likely know soon.

What time do you want to meet? lmk when and where

Lmk what you want for dinner tonight

If you have any questions, LMK and I can help

A common response to LMK is another initialism, LYK, meaning “Let you know.” It’s not as popular as LMK, but you might see it in text messages or chats.

Person 1: LMK if you can pick the kids up after work

Person 2: Ok, I’ll LYK later

When not to use LMK

LMK is a casual abbreviation, so there are some times when you shouldn’t use it. For instance, academic writing is very formal and standardized, so these kinds of abbreviations don’t fit.

However, the line is not so clear in professional settings. LMK is more casual than abbreviations like ASAP, but more formal than ones like IKR. It falls into a gray area, so you have to use good judgment. Will your coworkers understand your meaning if you use it? Is your workplace culture on the casual side? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, it’s probably fine to use LMK at work.

What can you say instead of LMK? Here are a few ideas:

  • Let me know
  • Please reply soon
  • Please get back to me
  • Please contact me
  • Keep me posted
  • Keep me informed
  • Keep me updated
  • Notify me

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How do you respond to LMK?

Since LMK means “Let me know,” the best way to respond is by saying something that shows you will share the requested information when you have it. You could say “Okay,” “Will do,” “I definitely will,” or another similar phrase.

Is it IMK or LMK?

When L and i are capitalized, some fonts make it hard to tell the difference between them. The correct abbreviation is LMK, which means “Let me know.”


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