Is It *Lable or Label? | Spelling, Meaning & Examples

The noun label describes a piece of material that identifies the object it’s attached to. It can also be used as a verb to describe the act of affixing a label to an object or assigning a label to a person to put them in a specific category.

“Lable” is a common misspelling and should be avoided. The QuillBot Grammar Checker will fix this and other common mistakes automatically.

Examples: Lable or label in a sentence
  • Don’t try to lable me!
  • Don’t try to label me!
  • Do your parents still lable your clothes?
  • Do your parents still label your clothes?

Label is the standard spelling in both US and UK English, but other verb forms are different for US and UK English (e.g., labeled vs labelled).

How to use label as a noun

The noun label can have different meanings and uses, referring to:

  • A piece of material that’s attached to something to identify it
  • The name that’s given to someone or something (metaphorical)
  • A company in the fashion or music industry
Examples: Label in a sentence (noun)
The conservationist studied the label on the endagered species exhibit.

I’m afraid people will put a “criminal” label on me as soon as they hear about my time in jail.

Many celebrities were spotted wearing clothes from the exclusive fashion label.

How to use label as a verb

The verb label can be used in two ways:

  • To describe the act of attaching a label to something
  • To refer to the act of placing someone in a category (often in a negative or reductive way, based on stereotypes)
Examples: Label in a sentence (verb)
Please label your bag in case you lose it!

I refuse to label people based on their religious beliefs.

Frequently asked questions about label or lable

Is it shipping lable or label?

Label and lable are often confused, but the correct spelling is shipping label. Lable is a common misspelling, but it’s not a real word.

What is a synonym for label?

There are multiple synonyms for the word label, depending on its meaning:

  • Label (noun, information about something): tag, ticket, docket
  • Label (verb, to attach a label): to ticket, to tag
  • Label (verb, to label a person): to pigeonhole, to classify, to stereotype
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