Dieing or Dying | Correct Spelling & Use

When it comes to the verb that means “approaching death,” the correct spelling is “dying,” not “dieing.”

“Dieing” is a common incorrect spelling and should not be used.

Examples: Dieing or dying in a sentence
  • My plants are dieing because I forgot to water them.
  • My plants are dying because I forgot to water them.
  • The crops are dieing because of the ongoing drought.
  • The crops are dying because of the ongoing drought.
Although some sources claim that “dieing” can function as a verb that means “to cut or shape a material using a die,” this usage is not common.

Dying meaning

“Dying” is the present participle (and gerund) of the verb “die,” which means to “cease to be alive” (e.g., “The fish are dying because the tank’s filter isn’t working”).

“Die” has different uses and can also mean to “stop functioning,” “to be overwhelmed with emotion or laughter,” or “to desperately want something.”

Examples: Dying in a sentence
The plants are dying because of the invasive insects.
My laptop is dying so I need to find a plug to charge it.
We were dying with laughter throughout the entire movie.
Jason was dying to go to the game but couldn’t find tickets.

The word “dying” can also function as an adjective that describes something as related to or happening at the time of somebody’s death (e.g., “Her dying wish was to see us one last time”).

“Dyeing” is a homophone of the word “dying,” and refers to changing the color of something using a liquid or dye (e.g., “I was in the bathroom dyeing my hair purple for the big game”).

Frequently asked questions about dieing or dying

Is it dyeing or dying?

When referring to the process of death or when something stops functioning, the correct spelling is “dying” (e.g., “My phone battery is dying”).

However, “dyeing” is a homophone that means “to change something’s color using a dye or liquid substance (e.g., “We are dyeing our t-shirts blue”).

How do you spell dieing?

When referring to the verb that means “to stop being alive,” the correct spelling is “dying” not “dieing” (e.g., “I got word that my cat is dying”).

What are synonyms of dying?

Some synonyms of “dying” include:

  • Departing
  • Passing away
  • Perishing
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