*Truely or Truly | Spelling, Meaning & Examples

Truly is the correct spelling of the adverb used to mean “absolutely,” “properly,” or “in a truthful manner.” The related adjective is “true.”

People sometimes write “truely” instead, but this is the wrong spelling and doesn’t appear in the dictionary. The QuillBot Grammar Checker will always catch pesky mistakes like this.

Example: Truely vs truly
  • Do you truely believe that?
  • Do you truly believe that?
  • I’m truely exhausted after my long journey.
  • I’m truly exhausted after my long journey.

Adding “-ly” to the end of an adjective is the standard way of forming an adverb. When the adjective ends with “-ue,” though, the “e” is usually dropped for the adverb form, as is the case with “true/truly” and “due/duly.”

Truly: The adverb form of “true”

The adjective “true” has the adverbial form truly—never “truely.” It can be used with the meaning “in a truthful or sincere way” or as an intensifier meaning “really,” “absolutely,” or “properly.” In either case, it can modify a verb, an adjective, an adverb, or a whole sentence.

Example: Truly in a sentence
Truly, Mrs. Andreessen, your daughter is a marvelous student!

He meant it truly; he wasn’t being facetious.

The accusations were truly unbelievable.

Frequently asked questions about truly or truely

What is a synonym for yours truly?

Yours truly is used as a formal sign-off to end an email or letter. Yours sincerely and Yours faithfully are considered synonyms of Yours truly, but there are some regional and traditional distinctions:

  • In American English, you use “Yours truly” when you haven’t corresponded with the recipient and “Sincerely yours” when you have.
  • In British English, you use “Yours faithfully” when you haven’t corresponded with the recipient and “Yours sincerely” when you have.
What is a synonym for truly?

There are various synonyms for each meaning of truly:

Properly Absolutely In a truthful way
Correctly Really Honestly
Precisely Undoubtedly Sincerely
Exactly Totally Truthfully
Accurately Completely Candidly

You can also explore further synonyms using the QuillBot Paraphraser.

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