*Now a Days or Nowadays? | Meaning & Spelling

Common Mistakes updated on  December 6, 2023 2 min read
Nowadays is an adverb that means “at this time.” It’s often used to make a comparison with a past time.

Now a days (with spaces) is a common misspelling of the word nowadays. It’s never correct and should always be avoided, similar to other misspellings like “now days,” “now-a-days,” “nowaday,” and “nowdays.” The QuillBot Grammar Checker will fix this and other common mistakes automatically.

Examples: Now a days or nowadays in a sentence
Now a days, it’s easier than ever to connect with friends through video calls.
Nowadays, it's easier than ever to connect with friends through video calls.

The use of renewable energy sources is on the rise now a days due to environmental concerns.
The use of renewable energy sources is on the rise nowadays due to environmental concerns.

Using nowadays in a sentence

The adverb nowadays means “at present” and is used to compare the past and present. It’s often used at the beginning of a sentence, where it’s followed by a comma.

Nowadays can be considered vague language, which is why you should avoid it in academic writing. It’s best to use a more specific indicator of time, such as “since 2022.”

Examples: Nowadays in a sentence
What are you working on nowadays?
I don't think anyone uses the word "indubitably nowadays
Nowadays, electric cars are gaining traction as a more eco-friendly option.

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Frequently asked questions about now a days or nowadays

Is nowadays a word?

Nowadays and now a days are often used interchangeably, but nowadays is the only correct spelling. It’s an adverb that means “at this time.”

Now a days (with spaces) is never correct.

Use QuillBot's free Grammar Checker to avoid mistakes like these!

What is another word for nowadays?

Synonyms or near synonyms for nowadays are:

  • Today
  • Now
  • In this day and age
  • These days
  • At present
  • Currently
  • At this time

The choice of synonym depends on the tone and context of your text. Use the QuillBot paraphrasing tool to find more alternatives for nowadays.


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